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The roxbury

Albuquerque, NM

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At The Roxbury you will find comfort and simplicity with all of the creature comforts of home. At The Roxbury we pride ourselves on our uniqueness and modern feel. We love hosting the members of our Military, the film industry, and other professionals from around the world!


“Five Stars!”

Excellent hosts,clean and comfy apt. Everything i was looking for on my trip to ABQ. I would definately recommend this place.

Outstanding place to stay in, close to just about anything and very home like, I will for sure book again.

Great place, great value. Highly recommend this spot if you’re going to be in town!

Great location close to airport, downtown, and campus. Would book again!

The Roxbury

The Roxbuy 1 Livingroom

The Roxbury 1

The Roxbuy 2 Livingroom

the Roxbury 2

The Roxbuy 3 Livingroom 1

the Roxbury 3

The Roxbuy 4 Livingroom

the roxbury 4

The Roxbuy 5 Livingroom

the roxbury 5

The Roxbuy 8 Livingroom

the Roxbury 8

The Roxbuy 10 Livingroom

the roxbury 10

The Roxbuy 12 Livingroom

the Roxbury 12

The Roxbuy 14 Livingroom

the Roxbury 14

Roxbury West

Roxbury West Unit D Livingroom

Roxbury West Unit D

Roxbury West Unit H Livingroom

Roxbury West Unit H

Roxbury West Unit G Livingroom

Roxbury West Unit G

Roxbury West Animal House Livingroom

Roxbury West Animal House

Roxbury South

Roxbury South 1 Livingroom

Roxbury South #1

Roxbury South 2 Livingroom

Roxbury South #2

Roxbury South 3 Livingroom


Roxbury South 7 Livingroom

Roxbury South #7

Roxbury South 10 Livingroom

Roxbury South #10

Roxbury South Grotto Livingroom

Roxbury South Grotto

Roxbury South House Livingroom

Roxbury South House